Year Of Trees !

In association with "" & "".

Greetings & Welcome to the "" website. It's an attempt and a part of the "Tree Campaigns", to encourage the citizens of the Earth and the "United Nations" to organize & observe an "International Year" event dedicated to the trees and related activities. Also, any country, state, city, village, institution, organization & any persons might like to observe this earthly activity of their own without any worldly observance.

Also, I have set up the "" & "" and hope some people might like those and plant & grow as much TREES as possible and encourage others.

The "International Year" events are being observed for some important causes. Trees being one of the most vital parts of our planet, I think there should be an International year event in the name of TREES. Considering the increasing global warming, climate changes and various types of related eco-environmental issues, the observance of an "International Year" event in the name of TREES might encourage and attract massive tree plantation and related activities around the globe and would make the world little more cooler & greener.

And if you support the idea of observing such tree related events, then please convey this to any official from the "United Nations". You can also approach the local leaders and decision makers to observe such events related to trees at your place and region.

Thanks A Million.



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