Namaste & Welcome to the "". Myself Ashiish and this site is an attempt to encourage the "United Nations" to observe an "International Year" event in the name of trees and various related activities. Any country, state, city, village, institution, organizations and persons may like to observe such earth-friendly activities at their own and make the eco-system healthier.

Rapid deforestations and the loss of the large amount of TREES around the world cause to increase the global warming & various climate change issues. Thinking about this, I have decided to plant & grow enough trees and started some tree planting and eco-friendly campaigns to encourage others to do so.

The "International Year" events are being observed based on some important causes. And trees being one of the most vital parts of our planet, I think there should be an International year event in the name of TREES. Considering the increasing global warming, climate change and various related environmental issues, the observance of such events may encourage massive tree planting activities around the globe and make the Earth a little more cooler & greener.

If you support the idea of observing such events in the name of the trees and related activities, then please convey this to any authentic persons or officials from the "United Nations" and the influential persons at your place. Hope, the ideas become reality soon and there will be substantial tree planting activities.

The website is being developed and will be updated soon with more features.

Also, as of now I am running an Advertising & Crowdfunding campaign on the "" for some eco-friendly ideas, activities & artworks along with a few more earthly things. And my sincere request, please do plant & grow as many TREES as possible and encourage others to do so. Thanks A Million. :)

The "" and the above mentioned sites are in collaboration to encourage various Earth-friendly and tree planting activities. Thanks a million.